How does it work?

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Our partnership system allows you to earn money by serving your devices for global service. Other platform users can use your devices to send messages in your local network. Your earnings are calculated when the messages are sent successfully. You will then be able to request a payout if you want to.

You have full control of the partner device's features. You can choose if you want to enable both sim cards or add random intervals.

Earnings Potential

  • A user from country X wants to send messages to your country Y. If your devices are partnered, they can use them to send messages and save money. Sending messages locally is always cheaper than sending them internationally.
  • A user from the same country wants to send messages but doesn't have a device. They can also use your global devices for that.

How does it work?


How to apply?

If you are interested in being one of our partners, please contact us so we can update your account type.

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