Define the parameters of the limit for sending SMS messages and receiving return messages.

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1. Login to your dashboard

2. Click on  "ANDROID"

3. Click on highlighted button


DEVICE NAME: You can change the default device name.

RECEIVE SMS: if disabled, received messages from android inbox won't be saved by the system. Webhooks and other related tools won't work for the device when this is disabled.

RANDOM SEND INTERVAL: If enabled, messages will be sent in random intervals between minimum and maximum limit set.

SEND INTERVAL MIN: The minimum interval in seconds.

SEND INTERVAL MAX: The maximum interval in seconds.

LIMIT STATUS: If enabled, the allowed number of messages that can be sent using this device will be limited per day or per month.

LIMIT INTERVAL: Select the type of delay before refreshing the limit counter.

NUMBER OF MESSAGES: The number of messages that can be sent during the limit interval.

APPLICATIONS: Enter the package names of the apps you want to get notifications from. Separate them by linebreaks.

5. Click on  "SUBMIT"

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