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Sending SMS messages is sent through your Android phone at the rate of a mobile network operator with unlimited free SMS.

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    If I am an individual, will I be able to connect my website or store via API to the SMS text messaging service?

    The SmsNotif.com mass messaging service works with individuals, the self-employed, and companies. Anyone can start using mass texting services for free, without concluding an agreement between a legal entity and a mobile network operator, without paying for a name rent, without waiting.

    How to make an SMS text message for free?

    All that an individual or company needs is to have his own smartphone, at least one or two SIM cards of a mobile network operator issued under an agreement with a tariff, which has the function of sending unlimited SMS text.

    Why will SMS texting to customers be free?

    In each country there is a mobile operator that has a tariff with unlimited SMS. You sign up for a tariff with free SMS, register in our SMS texting service and immediately receive a free tariff.

    Does SMS advertising have limitations?

    In practice, tariffs with unlimited SMS are not unlimited, but have a limit that the mobile network operator hides from the client, referring to Text Message Marketing.

    How to check that sending SMS messages fits into the message limit?

    Limits on sending free SMS are determined by telecom operators in different ways, usually this can only be found out in an experimental way. According to our research, the limt for sending SMS can range from 100-300 messages per day.

    Sending SMS to your database, when the limit is reached, will it continue?

    After reaching the limit, sending messages may be blocked by the telecom operator, which is better, or a fee may be charged at current rates for 1 SMS, which is worse.

    How is bulk SMS sent through your Mass Bulk Texting service through the web interface of the site?

    You install our secure application, connect your smartphone to our SmsNotif.com service, and you can immediately do SMS campaigns in your country in which you purchased a SIM card.

    How many SMS Text Marketing service can a marketer send for free?

    It depends on the specific mobile network operator. If the number of sent SMS messages fits into the daily limit of 100-300 messages, then 1 SMS message costs $0.00 and 300 SMS messages costs $0.00.

    Sending SMS to phones can reach tens of thousands of messages per day. Can one phone send that many text messages?

    If business needs increase, you can connect 2 smartphones or up to 50 smartphones with two SIM cards each, which will be 100 SIM cards and up to 30,000 SMS messages per day.

    Does the bulk messaging service have SmsNotif.com limitations?

    According to our current tariffs, we allow one account to send up to 150,000 SMS messages per month. You pay the mobile operator $0.00 for 150,000 SMS messages, but pay for the tariff. In total, you get very cheap SMS for business.

    Sending via SMS can be even cheaper?

    It is simply impossible to get cheaper. Online stores and any other scripts can send and receive SMS messages using the SmsNotif.com API. We are constantly adding examples of connecting scripts and modules for popular scripts of online stores for free for our users.

    How to make SMS Text Messaging abroad, to other countries?

    If you want to promote your brand in other countries, then you can rent a smartphone of a partner who has connected his personal phone to our service and rents it in his country, in which his SIM card is registered with the tariff of the mobile network operator of his country.

    Is SMS messaging abroad cheaper through an affiliate system or more expensive?

    Of course, through our partner system for sending SMS text messages in the country of the partner, through the partner's rented phone, which is very economical in price for the delivered SMS message. It's the best choice!

    Thank you for explaining in detail how to send bulk SMS Marketing.

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Functions of the SmsNotif.com web panel for sending SMS messages

Basic bulk SMS messaging features meet today's business needs.

SMS queue

The message is queued for sending by priority.

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Bulk SMS

SMS queue

All SMS messages are waiting for their turn to be sent by priority, in one waiting list, for easy control and management through the SmsNotif.com web interface.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Sent SMS

The list of sent SMS messages via SmsNotif.com is stored in one place. It is convenient to control the delivery status of messages.

Sent SMS

This is «BankCity», your authorization code is 7294.

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Received SMS

I received a message from you. I am interested.

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Bulk SMS advertising

Received SMS

Receive SMS messages from clients in response to sending lists or service SMS, calculate conversion. Conduct two-way correspondence.

Bulk SMS

SMS Campaigns

Upload Excel files with recipient lists and create personalized SMS campaigns to millions of recipients using advanced features.

SMS Campaigns

The sending campaign was created for 12869 recipients.

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Additional SMS Campaign Features

A set of features will improve the quality and speed up the creation of a sending campaign.


Use Spintax to randomize a set of words to prevent your messages from being spammed..


Answering machine

Create auto-response actions and internal GET webhooks to suit your project's requirements.

Answering machine

URL shortener

You can use the built-in URL shortener in messages, which allows you to shorten long URLs in messages.

URL shortener

Message translator

With the ability to translate messages before sending them, you can now send messages to any country, in over 110 languages.

Message translator

Message Templates

Predefined message templates can be used to send a message through any communication channel to save time and effort.

Message Templates


Use shortcodes to automate the personalization of your newsletter messages. Shortcodes only work for saved contacts. To allow recipients to unsubscribe, add {{unsubscribe.command}} or {{unsubscribe.link}} to the message.

Scheduled SMS

The sending list has been created! Departs on schedule.

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Sending SMS messages according to the schedule

Scheduled SMS

Send SMS marketing campaigns, automatic greetings and responses to customers through the SmsNotif.com web interface at a convenient time.

Saved contacts

Saved contacts

Contact groups and segmentation

Contact groups and segmentation


List of unsubscribed sending recipients

Android devices

To be able to send and receive SMS messages, users need to link their Android devices with SmsNotif.com by installing the gateway app on their phone and logging into the system.

USSD requests

The SmsNotif.com server supports the USSD service for interactive interaction between the network subscriber and the service application in the short message transmission mode. Control and management is available through the web interface.


All system notifications from your devices connected to SmsNotif.com now come and are recorded in the notification list in the SmsNotif.com web panel, where you can manage notifications: view, delete.

Partner system

The user, by connecting his smartphone to SmsNotif.com, can become a partner, rent his phone and receive money for each text and multimedia message delivered from his phone, in his country.

SMS gateway in your phone

Android device as SMS gateway

Turn your smartphone, tablet into a real SMS gateway, so that through your SMS gateway you yourself can send free bulk SMS messages at rates, with unlimited SMS, of your mobile operator.

Additional functions


The toolkit helps users connect their scripts to the SmsNotif.com service, simplifies and enables integration with web applications, reduces the implementation time of developer services, speeds up the creation of text messaging campaigns.

API Keys

The SmsNotif.com text messaging API is built as a REST API using HTTP standards. Users can create API keys for their projects. Each API key can contain a different set of permissions.


Some projects may require automatic notification when an event occurs. Webhooks can be used to solve this problem. Users can create and control web hooks in the web panel.

Action Hooks

Action hooks allow you to perform actions such as hooks and auto-replies. Action hooks support both SMS and WhatsApp communication channels. Action hooks are created by the user in the SmsNotif.com web panel.


For faster preparation of bulk messages, pre-prepared message templates are used. One prepared template can be used for SMS and WhatsApp messages.

Free plugins SmsNotif.com

Use ready-made plugins to better integrate your application with SmsNotif.com.

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