Actions are tools that can also help you automate some tasks, like event listeners on send and receive or autoreply to messages directly. These are designed solely for SMS/WhatsApp related tasks.

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Types of Actions

  • Hooks: These are actions that listen for send/receive events from sms/whatsapp. It's like a webhook but it also allows listening from send events and only use GET method. It also allows you to structure the link yourself.
  • Autoreplies: These are actions that automate the task of replying to received messages if a keyword is found in them. You will have to decide on what keywords to use and what reply message you want to send.

Use Cases

  • Log the event to your own server if you send or receive a message.
  • Call a remote url if you send or receive a message.
  • Automatically reply if the received message contains a keyword.

How It Works

In the images below, we explain how the feature works in a simple manner.





Code Example for Hooks


    // Hooks will always use GET method.
    // Assuming that you structured your hook link like this:{{phone}}&message={{message}}&time={{date.time}}
    // You should be able to parse the variables like this:

    $request = $_GET;

    echo $request["phone"];
    echo $request["message"];
    echo $request["time"];

    // you can do anything with these variables. save to your database or launch an automated task on your end.

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