Saved contacts

Saved contacts

Contact groups and segmentation

Contact groups and segmentation


List of unsubscribed sending recipients.

Add and upload contacts

Easy contacts upload

Use our Excel template to quickly upload existing contact lists to

Transfer contacts

Easily transfer your contacts from popular apps like Mailchimp, Contact Contact, HubSpot and more with Excel file export/import.

Mobile phone compatibility

Add contacts on the go using your mobile phone or tablet.

Add and upload contacts

Hello Katerina! Thank you for contacting our dance school. We would like you to join us! Let us know if you have any questions.

How many classes per week do you do?

The dance program holds 3-5 classes per week. You can check the class schedule on our website.

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Contact management

Managing contacts just got easier!

Unlimited contacts

Do you have many contacts? No problem! Manage unlimited contacts in

Custom fields

Enhance contact records with additional contact information to create targeted messages and campaigns.

Personalized messages

Increase engagement and response rates by personalizing text messages with contact details such as a name.

Bilateral conversations

Have two-way conversations with individual contacts and easily view your saved text message history.

Create groups and segments

Detailed segmentation

Organize your contacts into groups and sort them by similar interests, preferences, location, and more.

Targeted messages

To send individual targeted notifications, use the groups whose notifications are most likely to generate interest and reactions.

Minimize rejections

Minimize bounce by reducing the number of messages that are not related to a particular contact.

Permission based groups

Easily remove undelivered numbers and unsubscribed contacts from groups.

Create groups and segments
Unsubscribed contacts

Unsubscribed contacts

Messages recipients can unsubscribe at any time.

List of unsubscribed contacts

All unsubscribed contacts are collected in one list. If you delete phone numbers here, the system will send messages to them again.

Shortcodes and unsubscribe words

When mass advertising messages are sent to recipients, each message must contain either the word STOP or the shortcodes {{unsubscribe.command}} or {{}}. Otherwise, your message may be considered spam by your carrier.


If an unsubscribed contact changes their mind or unsubscribes by accident, they can unsubscribe again in response to your consent message.

Contact management questions

A few frequently asked questions that are of interest to new users of the service.

  • offers to import contact lists using an Excel file to make it as easy as possible to upload and manage your contacts.

  • Importing and managing contacts is available for all tariff plans.

  • Yes! But remember that text marketing is a permission-based activity and requires the consent of everyone you plan to send messages to. makes it easy to get consent with the tools and features you can use to get recipients' consent, such as sending: QR codes and keywords.

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