Partner system

Our partner system allows you to earn money by servicing your devices worldwide. Other users of the platform can use your devices to send messages on your local network. Your income is calculated when you successfully send messages. You can then request a payout if you wish. You have full control over the functions of the partner device. You can choose whether you want to enable both sims or add random intervals.

Earning Potential - Option 1

A user from country X wants to send messages to your country Y. If your devices are partnered, they can use them to send messages and save money. Sending messages locally is always cheaper than sending them abroad.

Earning Potential - Option 2

A user from your own country wants to send messages in your country but doesn't have a device. It can also use your partner devices for this.

Incoming messages blocked

If your device is a partner device, then the function of receiving SMS messages is disabled. Your device will not receive incoming messages. This is due to ensuring the security of the SIM card owner and protecting him from fraud by unscrupulous device tenants.

Sending messages abroad blocked

If your device is a partner device, you can select, in the web panel, your country as the only one for sending messages. We advise you to do this. Then messages sent from your device will be charged at the rate of your mobile operator within your country.

How the Partner system works

Partner system step by step

  • Register on

    Register on

    Registration is free. Documents are not needed. You don't even need your real name.

  • Link your phone to the system

    Link your phone to the system

    Download our application for free and install it on your phone.

  • Make your phone a partner

    Make your phone a partner

    Other users will be able to send messages through your phone in your country.

  • Apply for withdrawal

    Apply for withdrawal

    The system will convert the credits into currency and transfer the currency to you in your declared account.

  • Get credits

    Get credits

    For each message delivered, tenant credits are awarded.

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